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The ZESD 6 Transportation Department works collaboratively with our contracted bus transportation company, district administrators, and parents to provide safe and efficient service for students. Our priority is to transport students to school in a safe and efficient manner. 


Kimberly Monk
Director, Student Services

ZESD 6 provides bus transportation for students who live within the district boundaries and reside: (1) at a distance of one third miles (0.3) or more from his or her assigned school, unless the School Board has certified to the Illinois State Board of Education that adequate public transportation is available, or (2) if adequate public transportation is not available, within one third miles (0.3) miles from his or her assigned school where walking to or from school or to or from a pick-up point or bus stop would constitute a serious safety hazard due to either (a) vehicular traffic or rail crossing or (b) a course or pattern of criminal activity, as defined in the Ill. Street gang Terrorism Omnibus Prevention Act, 740 ILCS 147/.

A student’s parent(s)/guardian(s) may file a petition with the Board requesting transportation due to the existence of a serious safety hazard. Free transportation service and vehicle adaptation is provided for a special education student if included in the student’s individualized educational program. Homeless students shall be transported in accordance with Section 45/1-15 of the Education for Homeless Children Act. Foster care students shall be transported in accordance with Section 6312(c)(5)(B) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

ZESD 6 partners with Lakeside Transportation to provide free transportation to students.

If a student is at a location within the District, other than his or her residence, for child care purposes at the time for transportation to and/or from school, that location may be considered for purposes of determining the one of one third miles ( 0.3 ) miles from the school attended. Unless the Transportation department or designee establishes new routes, pick-up and drop-off locations for students in day care must be along the District’s regular routes. The District will not discriminate among types of locations where day care is provided, which may include the premises of licensed providers, relatives’ homes, or neighbors’ homes.


Bus schedules and routes shall be determined by the Transportation department or designee and shall be altered only with the Transportation Director or designee’s approval and direction. In setting the routes, the pick-up and discharge points should be as safe for students as possible.

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